Aceh Ready To Go Digital with ITX

6 December 2016

Implementation Go Digital Be The Best always carried by the Ministry of Tourism in all regions. This time it is the turn of Aceh tourism that carries the concept that inaugurated Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya in Rakornas Kemenpar. Around 100 tourism businesses and the digital community are present at Grand Nanggroe Hotel, Banda Aceh, from 2 to 3 November 2016.

"Make the most of the event to this digital-based tourism, which has tour & travel business, hotels, souvenirs, tourist transportation, and other attractions please learn and follow this program well.We must pick the future customers who 70% using online system, "said Reza Pahlevi, Head of Culture and Tourism Office of Aceh saa open socialization event of Aceh Go Digital be The Best.

On this occasion, Reza also revealed that Kemenpar has set Aceh as one of the world's halal tourism destinations. Therefore, a strategy is needed to target the international market. Go Digital activities can be a focus for Aceh tourism strengthening marketing.

Samsriyono Nugroho, Special Staff of the Minister of Tourism for IT, presented the big picture or road maps Kemenpar about Go Digital in the first session. In any market, including China whose outbound traveler is 120 million a year, has brought online minded. From searching, booking, to payment is in the grip of a smartphone. "That's why Mr. Menpar Arief always calls More Digital More Personal, More Digital More Global, More Digital More Professional," he said.

In addition, the former CEO of Lintas Arta also explained that in the digital era, the industry must also be able to compete with the will of the times. Online travel or commonly called OTA increasingly penetrated any sector, both in the field of transportation and in the field of tourism. "That's why Kemenpar build a digital market place that will support the industry to compete in the global level," said Samsriyono.

Therefore, present ITX Indonesia Travel Xchange into an online market or digital lapak in the form of platforms that bring together supply and demand. With this platform, users can also transact directly, from searching, booking to payment. Claudia Ingkiriwang, Chairman of ITX Probis, Sigma revealed that ITX is not an OTA, not a tourism businessman, not a ticket seller or a tour package maker. "We are purely IT, moving in technology, so neutral," said Claudi started his presentation in the second session.

"ITX is just a platform to link customers or travelers who want to travel to Indonesia, so once they get to, they can choose whatever menu they are looking for, from accomodations, attractions and access or transportation industry. via online and the money does not come to ITX, but directly to the perpetrators of the tourism industry, "he explained.

Claudia also explained the benefits of using ITX services. First, the tourism businessmen will get a website template that can be used as landing pages for tourism business. Secondly, they will get booking system and payment machine for free. If created alone with a website consultant, will cost around Rp300 million to Rp400 million. "If you can register, enter the content, then stay activated and wait for confirmation from Kemenkominfo," he added.

Thirdly, this platform is available for all tourism business ecosystems. Starting from hotels, souvenirs, theme park tickets, to gayo coffee affairs, aceh weaving, and all forms of tourism-based. This is certainly not to be found in that only plays in hotels and airlines. "So the creativity of these sellers also determine the success or failure of ITX and the distributors can spend their own in making the package in ITX," said Claudia.

Fourth, ITX will periodically review members as well. If there are at the lowest position will be given a business advisory, kind of provide input to be able to compete with a system. Fifth, through ITX, the suppliers and distributors not only meet the user or the traveler directly. Can also meet with other distributors, such as,, Traveloka,,, whose name is also popular in the world of OTA.

Sixth, when there is a big event, all industries in the tourism ecosystem can participate in selling together. "For example when Borobudur Run, the hotel industry, resorts, rent car, theme park, restaurant, souvenir, kculiner, all can make the same discount program, and posted together," Claudi said.

In addition, the social media community can be an amplifier, supporters, as well as guidence for each other in cyberspace. "They can act in pre-event, on event and post event, their testimonials in social media will be a positive reference for travelers," added Don Kardono, Special Staff of the Minister of Tourism for Media.

For example Aceh, the most attractive on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Acehnese social media community can build the curiosity of people to come and travel in the Veranda of Mecca. "They are social media endorsers with loyal followers, and easily through digital activations they will create trending topics," Don Kardono explained. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya Lintas said that the industry is often called the sharing economy or President Joko Widodo said the economy gotong royong. 

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