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Monthly Licence Fee for frontdesk based on is $

The Monthly Licence Fee is calculated and charged based on your business's actual number of Rooms or Tours as per prices indicated on this Application, and is subject to change if the actual number of Rooms or Tours changes.

• The Booking Fee is applied to the total of all online bookings within each month, and a discount is automatically applied as booking volume increases. The Fee is calculated on the booking value at the time of transaction and no subsequent adjustments can be made.

  • $0-10,000 2.8%
  • $10,001-$20,000 2.5%
  • $20,001-$30,000 2.0%
  • $30,001--$40,000 1.5%
  • $40,001+ 0.75%

Distributor Commission: The Distribution Fee will be charged (if any) at the Distributor Rate as agreed by you when you opt into a Distributor.

All prices are ex GST.


Once your account is set up and made Active, we provide a FREE service to add your ‘Book Now Button’ to your website so your customers can book and pay directly with you. This free service will save you money. If you want the FREE book button service please provide your website login details. If you don’t want to use the free service, please provide your web developer’s details below and we’ll send them the code. If you’re unsure of these details, please contact whoever hosts your website.


You approve V3 to access your FTP details in order to add a Book Now Button to your website. You agree that V3 is not liable for any loss or damage caused by any changes made to your website by V3 and that V3 is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the content or online booking functionality of your website. If a unique TXA Book Now Button is not added to your website within one month of your frontdesk system being made Active for online bookings, you will be charged the corresponding Monthly Licence Fee (No Book Button) as per prices indicated, and this may be charged at any time in the future should the Book Now Button be removed from your website or other book button added.


VPay is the set of services that allows your business to become e-commerce enabled to accept credit card payment for online bookings. In order to complete the VPay process and use frontdesk you are required to:

  1. Complete and execute a Direct Debit Request and read and accept the Direct Debit Service Agreement in order to authorise direct debit of all payments owing (if any) of the frontdesk Fees shown in this Application and described in more detail in your Product Provider Agreement, as well as repayment by you of any overpayments caused by errors or omissions in calculations or tax invoices.
  2. Choose a Payment Option for receiving credit card payments from your customers for online bookings. Both options are provided by the IntegraPay payment gateway and subject to acceptance of the IntegraPay Product Disclosure Statement.


Nominated Bank Account

The bank account from which you authorise V3 to deduct fees for use of frontdesk as per the V-Pay Direct Debit Request.

Please download the V-Pay Direct Debit Request form, sign, scan and email the signed form to or fax to +61 (02) 9247 9999.


Please select one of the 2 options below:

Option 1: Use my own Online Merchant Facility.

IntegraPay Fees: (inc GST)

  • Merchant Fee: $0 from IntegrayPay
    (Your normal merchant fees will be payable to your chosen Online Merchant Facility provider.)
  • Transaction Fee: 99¢
  • Minimum Monthly Fee: $0

Option 2: I would like to apply for an IntegraPay Online Merchant Facility.

Credit card payments for online bookings are processed via the IntegrayPay payment gateway and funds settled into your nominated bank account, less IntegraPay fees. Customer credit card statement will show 'iPay Travel Booking'.

IntegraPay Fees: (inc GST)

  • Merchant Fee: 2.75%
  • Transaction Fee: 99¢
  • Minimum Monthly Fee: $0
Amex cards
Diners Club cards

Nominated Bank Account

The bank account where you would like IntegraPay to settle funds for online bookings. Payments can be processed to any business transaction account in Australia.

Use the same bank account as V3 Direct Debit Request


I have read and understand the End User Licence and Product Provider Agreement
DDR downloaded, and will be completed, signed and sent to
I have read and agree to the IntegraPay Product Disclosure Statement, including the Fees Schedule.
I confirm that I am duly authorised to submit this Application for frontdesk and IntegraPay for and on behalf of , and that I have read and understood the information contained in this Application.



If you have any questions about frontdesk or the various agreements, please contact us on 1300 266 582. Thank you for your application. We welcome you to the frontdesk community.