Distributors Overview

Four reasons V3’s Exchange model is revolutionising tourism marketing

1. OBX provides direct connection to the Supplier’s booking system.

The key difference between The Exchange and earlier models and technologies is that we offer genuine dynamic two-way ‘direct connection’ to the booking system of the Supplier. This allows Distributors easy access to comprehensive data from a portfolio of accommodation, tours, ticketed events and attraction businesses with the most sophisticated and easy-to-use management tools.

2. OBX is the single national booking exchange.

Supported by all State and Federal Government Tourism Organisations, OBX has been selected by the GTOs to facilitate a more cost effective way for Distributors to access and sell Suppliers' inventory.

3. OBX enables access to comprehensive and valuable information through one set of services.

Unlike traditional ‘bed banks’, ‘inventory pools’ or ‘affiliate’ models that only supply rates and/or availability, with OBX you choose what you want to use. 

OBX can provide;

  • Business and product description (ATDW or Supplier self authored).
  • Live rates.
  • Live availability.
  • Multiple points of booking.
  • Ability to create ‘campaign’ pricing.
  • Full, detailed reporting.


4. OBX gives you The Right Tools:

To cost-effectively use the data in the Exchange, you can choose:

  • Booking Pages for your listed Suppliers.
  • Search and Book Pages to search across all Suppliers for live availability and pricing.
  • eXchange Booking API to keep the consumer completely within your system right through to booking completion.
  • LaunchPad.



Why more Distributors are connecting to OBX:

  • Single connection to the Exchange delivers access to the entire Supplier base, with live data direct from multiple booking systems.
  • Ability to control which Suppliers sell through your channel.
  • Free access to a range of management reports for all transactions.
  • Reduced costs - transactions can be performed directly between the consumer and the Supplier. No need to carry the cost and liability of processing, collecting and disbursing the booking funds. OBX also provides the traditional on account approach, it's your choice.
  • OBX gives you the ability to have price comparison pages.
  • OBX allows you to create price based retail campaigns.