ITX Digital Performer of Tourism Industry

6 December 2016

Two weeks after launch, there are already around 200 tourism business actors applying to Indonesia Travel X-Change (ITX).

ITX is a platform of open market place of digital tourism which is a breakthrough of the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) to facilitate industry players to promote themselves through digital media (Go Digital).

This was revealed by Deputy of Tourism Marketing Development of Nusantara Tourism Ministry, Esthy Reko Astuti on the sidelines of Borobudur Travel Mart and Expo (BTMX) agenda at Grand Artos Hotel, Magelang Regency, Saturday (15/10/2016).

"There are already about 200 business actors registered, 60 of which are from Central Java," he said.

Esthy believes the number of applicants will continue to grow as socialization will be intensively conducted. Sejuah this party has been doing socialization in some areas, including in Riau Islands and Magelang City. "In Magelang city, invited about 70 entrepreneurs, 60 of them directly register," he said.

Esthy further explained, ITX is a free facility from Kemenpar digital stalls for the actors of tourism industry homeland. ITX comes with the foundation that it is time for the tourism industry to enter the digital era (e-tourism).

He mentioned, there are at least 160 million users of digital devices, especially in Indonesia. Almost all activities can not be separated from the digital and the device, such as hotel room messages, ticket travel tickets to transport tickets.
"ITX is made with the principle of look, book, and pay." Visitors of the ITX page can browse the products offered, can directly order, and can at the same time pay, "said Esthy.

Kemenpar, according to Esthy, ensures no fees are withdrawn from these transactions through ITX, including upon registration. So ITX is considered as a golden opportunity for the tourism industry competing to offer its products from destinations, hotels, restaurants, to transportation.

It's just that there are some requirements that must be met by the tourism industry entrepreneurs, such as the legality of the company, Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) and others. "All is free , there is no registration fee and profit sharing for the sale and purchase transaction," he said.

Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Central Java, Prasetyo Aribowo welcomed the ITX breakthrough. The existence of ITX is considered to increase the level of tourist visits to the homeland, including Central Java.

"There are about 300 industry players in Central Java that I hope everyone can register, ITX is very potential to jointly sell Indonesia's tourism potential, certainly not to be outdone," he said.

According Prasetyo, business actors do not have to bother making their own sales pages online that cost hundreds of millions of dollars. In ITX, simply meet the requirements can already appear and sell. The government will monitor the extent of ITX's effectiveness.
Disbudpar Jateng encourage tourism industry actors in Central Java to take advantage of this facility. Especially for tourism industry actors who have products and destinations with international market share.

"I hope Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur (TWCB) can join, because its own website often error . Moreover, the purchase of tickets for conventional counter waste of time, because they have to queue for long. It's time to go digital to increase the level of tourists," he said.

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