ITX is Present at Communic Indonesia Exhibition 2017

9 November 2017

This year's Communic Indonesia Exhibition was held at the Jakarta International Expo from October 25-27, 2017. The Communic Indonesia event also works with several companies engaged in Digital and Broadcasting. One of the exhibitors of Communic Indonesia Exhibition is Telkom Group featuring digital products and solutions services of Telkom Group subsidiaries. One of the subsidiaries featuring digital solutions is Telkomsigma with Indonesia Tourism Exchange (ITX) tourism platform service.

The presence of ITX as a digital platform gets respond enthusiastic enough from the exhibition visitors who come from various circles both companies, society and educational institutions. Simulation services shown ITX able to attract the attention of visitors. Not a few visitors interested to join with ITX. Apart from the hospitality there are also other tourism industry actors, such as Tour and Travel owners, and others. At the opening ceremony, the Minister of Communication and Information RI Rudiantara visited all booths of Telkom Group including ITX booth along with EBIS Director of Telkom Group.

The event which lasted for 3 (three) days was also very successful to attract the attention of visitors, whether specializing in visiting the ITX booth or the whole booth from Telkom Group. In addition, MC always make games for visitors interested to interact with other booth fillers. ITX provides a variety of merchandise to visitors who successfully answer quiz questions correctly.

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