ITX Support Program Annual Meeting IMFWB 2018

13 October 2017

In order to organize the Annual Meeting of International Monetary Fund World Bank in 2018, the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism Affairs Dept. of ETTA held a promotion of Indonesian tourism products for one year from October 2017 to October 2018.
During the period promoted 7 tourism destinations with 118 tour packages products managed by Tour and Travel ASITA Indonesia members.
This tour packages promotion is conducted abroad by the Ministry of Tourism team starting in Washington DC in October 2017. It is targeted that 118 tour packages will be attracted by more than 15,000 guests of the participating countries Annual Meeting.
To support the information accessibility and purchase of this tour package digitally, the Indonesia Tourism Exchange (ITX) supports digital connections through the ITX exchange platform. So that tour packages can be purchased easily by IMF World Bank 2018 Annual Meeting guests from all over the world.
Starting on October 10, 2017, these tour packages can be accessed through the official website of the Annual Meeting is .
When travelers access these products and make reservations through to payments, digital connections use the ITX platform and direct payments to Tour and Travel Agent package providers.
It is expected that the reservation of this tour package gets good responds so that it adds foreign tourist traffic to 7 Indonesian tourism destinations, Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Toba, Jogja, Banyuwangi and Toraja.

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