Joglosemar Go Digital with ITX

6 December 2016

Not bored-Minister of Tourism RI, Arief Yahya provide socialization about the concept of Go Digital. Recently, Arief Yahya gave socialization Go Digital to the perpetrators of Joglosemar tourism industry in Puri Asri Hotel Magelang, Central Java. Tourists of Joglosemar's tourism industry spirit follow this socialization. Even some of them just know what is meant by "More Digital, More Professional".

The event was entitled "Where Luxury Meets Nature" was attended by Hari Untoro Drajad - Expert Staff of Multicultural Affairs, Rizki Handayani Musfata - Asdep of ASEAN Marketing Development, Vita Datau - Head of Culinary and Spending Food Development Team, and Larasati Sedyanigsih - PIC Borobudur Destination also a member of team 10 Bali New Kemenpar.

About 60 tourism businesses were amazed by the detailed assistance presented by Claudia Ingkiriwang, Chairman of Probis Indonesia Travel X-change (ITX). Digital Market Place (DMP) or ITX-provided stalls will take them level up, by transforming from the way of manual and conventional business to a professional digital. "The first benefit is direct payments from customers to suppliers , distributors, not stagnating in ITX," Claudia said.

The suppliers include 3A, namely Accommodation, Access and Attractions. Accommodation include hotels and resorts . Access includes transportation, car rental, tourism buses and other modes. The attractions in between aretheme parks , restaurants, cafes, performing arts, special tour guides , gallery photographers selling stock shoot , and more. Then, the distributor is a tour operator and tour agent who combine, organize and create tour packages using 3A materials in suppliers .

Confidence in security will be maintained when direct payments are made from customers to suppliers and distributors. "It's a crucial point that is often dreaded by online businesses , fearing not to get to the service providers, and the administration system is also digital, automatic, layered and secure.fraud! " Claudia said.

In the field of IT, fraud is a fraudulent act or violation of the law done deliberately and its nature can harm others. In the payment system, this method is anticipated and this money transaction money security system is in effect worldwide. "Even if something goes wrong, the payment gateway will be responsible, not a supplier , a distributor, let alone a customer, " Claudia said.

Claudia also added that there are advantages that will not be found in any IT industry. Among them will be given a website template for free. " Website free of charge that we provide, just prepare 1 IT person only, If from zero, the longest 6 weeks can be online . If the package materials, promos, photo designs and infographics are ready, less than a week can run. If you build your own web professional at least Rp 75-100 million, "said Claudia

ITX has also set up a booking system engine and payment system so that it will be integrated in one platform from look, book and pay once online on computer or smartphone the same one. "If this facility is built alone it will cost around Rp300 million, but all free for tourism businesses," said Claudia.

Samsriyono Nugroho, Stafsus Menpar IT Sector added that ITX is only IT company that provides platform and provide simplification process between supply and demand . ITX only opens a wider market to foreign countries. Tourism industry actors who are already legal entities, both small and large can join ITX.

Later, ITX will continue to be encouraged and promoted in multi channel as a sales platform for Go Digital including through social media. "The first requirement,Official website managed Dispar Provincial Government, municipal government, and regency should be real up date , become own media that aggressively display video, photos, and text related destinations. Secondly, the website must have calendar of events for a full year, complete with the certainty of the day, date, and month, "said Don Kardono, Stafsus Menpar Media Sector at Puri Asri Hotel Magelang Don.It

is important to remember the tourism packages sold during this monotonous and less attractive.With Go Digital will be supported event material and destinations by trusted websites, there will be many new, unique, exciting, and competitive packages at a global level. Social media will also help improve tourism by mentioning to related organizations. Go Digital encourages the more creative industry to create new packages that come out of the mainstream and out of the box . 

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