On-Line Booking Exchange Launches for NZ Tourism Products

28 April 2009

Auckland, New Zealand 28 April 2009: National and international marketplaces are being opened up to a diverse range of New Zealand tourism products with the launch of Tourism Exchange New Zealand.

The on-line based, ‘real-time’ booking platform, enables New Zealand tourism operators to offer their product worldwide and nationally at minimal cost.

“Tourism Exchange New Zealand is a neutral, ‘business to business’ market-place for tourism suppliers and distributors. Through the Tourism Exchange, participants can contract and transact New Zealand tourism product with live availability and dynamic pricing,” says Chris Hunter, Tourism Exchange New Zealand CEO.

“Simply, it brings buyers to sellers over the internet. We link New Zealand based tourism Suppliers with new and existing distributors, nationally and globally with ‘real-time’ booking and availability.

“It opens doors for all types and sizes of New Zealand tourism operators, ranging from B and B’s, motels, activity suppliers and tour operators, through to large hotels, by providing a cost-effective way of increasing their reach to distributors.”

“In this current economic climate it is a welcome marketing boost for New Zealand’s tourism operators, no matter what their size or where they’re located in New Zealand.”

Mr Hunter adds that another appealing factor for tourism suppliers in the current economic climate is there’s no joining fee. “All suppliers need is ‘real-time booking’ capable software – which we can provide at minimal cost if required.”

“The Tourism Exchange operates on a success fee basis for suppliers. And, depending on the Distributor’s terms, there can be cash flow advantages, with suppliers being paid in full, at the time of booking - another very appealing aspect for tourism operators in today’s tight financial times.”

Mitchell Corp, which represents more than 100 hotels and motels throughout New Zealand, is the first supplier to come on board. They are leading the pilot scheme with Tourism Exchange. CEO, Matt Standing, is enthusiastic about what Tourism Exchange has to offer.

“We believe, and have for some time, that the future for successful tourism businesses will be in online, with cooperative approaches into the market place for the benefit of the traveller. Cooperation with fellow operators will be key going forward, in terms of open supply arrangements, access to technology and transparency of operation,” Mr Standing says.

“Tourism Exchange provides a platform from which we can better serve our travellers with its smart technology providing good service to a wider mix of clients who benefit from speed, pricing and efficiency of operation.”

Mr Hunter says that Tourism Exchange has been working closely with Mitchell Corp in the build up to its launch, and he is looking forward to Mitchell Corp, and the hotels and motels it represents in New Zealand, benefiting from the Tourism Exchange booking platform.

Key Tourism Exchange stakeholder, Air New Zealand, is also part of the pilot scheme and is taking Tourism Exchange globally through its distribution channels.

Newly appointed Tourism Exchange Regional Development Managers are based throughout the country, servicing Northland, Auckland, Waikato/ Bay of Plenty, Central North Island, Wellington/Wairarapa, Upper South Island, Christchurch and Queenstown/Southland.

For more information visit www.tourismexchange.co.nz

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