Our Partners

Secure Geteway Services: IntegraPay

IntegraPay is a leading Australian payment technology company, focused on developing world-class e-commerce applications. It provides all V3 Australian suppliers with leading edge, secure, electronic transaction solutions and payment engine. Through IntegraPay, V3 supports the following financial institutions.



International Payment Services: Stripe Payments

Provision of a secure and comprehensive e-commerce solution for Tourism Exchange’s supplier base across all segments in all territories is crucial. We ensure suppliers are market ready internationally, and domestically, with the tools to easily and securely transact with consumers.

V3 contracts with Stipe Payments for global payment processing to enable all tourism suppliers to accept online credit card payments. Stripe Payments accepts a wide variety of payment options.




Secure hosting facilities: Microsoft Azure

V3 demands high quality hosting services compliant with travel industry-specific standards that meet strict regulatory and data management requirements.

V3 has contracted the Microsoft Azure for all hosting and secure data backup services. 

For V3, Microsoft Azure’s rigorously certified Microsoft Cloud provides the most comprehensive compliance portfolio of any cloud provider. Azure’s built-in controls, configuration management tools, and implementation and guidance resources, facilitate ongoing verification of cloud assets’ adherence to the strict security controls that the tourism industry and government standards mandate.