Successful deployment of TXGB pilot with Rainmaker and VB

1 July 2018

London, England

Following the successful response to the extensive tender process run by Visit Britain, V3 and Rainmaker are very pleased to announce that the OBX technology and Tourism Exchange model has successfully passed Visit Britain’s performance and other assessment criteria for the Discover England Platform Pilot Project.

The pilot successfully demonstrated the OBX platform met the comprehensive requirements of various participants including suppliers, DEF projects, DMOs and their users.

The pilot project deployed the OBX™ Business to Business (B2B) platform operationally to assess and prove the quality and robustness of hosting, implementation and operational capability of the technology, Rainmaker and V3. It provided evidence of the model’s cost effectiveness and efficiency in the distribution pathway provided to international and domestic markets to improve global online visibility and profile of destinations, regions and nationally.


Stephen Wells

About V3

V3 is a leading technology company for the travel and tourism industry. V3 creates and operationalises tourism platforms that are leading edge technology, and delivers associated services, as business solutions focused on optimising revenue across all travel distribution channels with unrivaled speed, intelligence, and scalability.

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