The Tourism Industry Responds Positively To Go Digital Socialization

24 November 2016

Action Ministry of Tourism to increase the number of tourists to Indonesia through the digital platform continues to be put forward. As at the Pentahelix Go Digital Be The Best meeting at Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam, Riau Islands on Tuesday (4/10). At this meeting, tourism businesses responded positively to the Digital Market Place Platform offered by B to B ( business to business ) by Indonesia Travel Exchange (ITX). Recorded a number of 30 industries, both suppliers and travel distributors directly register and join.

"Similar to the time of socialization Go Digital in Lombok, not many directly join the members. They learn first, the system, procedures and prospects, then only in droves officially entered. Of the 30 new travel agents enter 19 course, being from hotels, resorts , golf, from 90 suppliers there are 11 who signed . "Dicke Adhitya Rustiadi, GM of Tourism & Hospitality who is also the ITX Task Force in Batam,

also admitted that it is not easy to explain ITX as a platform for Digital Market Place, such as a market or mall that becomes a connector between the supply and demand in the ecosystem of tourism. "ITX is not an OTA ( online travel agent), ITX simplifies the process, ITX opens the wider market to foreign countries and ITX is not only IT platform for tourism but also can be used as a tool to improve the business of tourism industry. "

ITX has many advantages, namely comprehensive, cost effective , and customer experience . In terms of a comprehensive , all owners of tourism products ranging from accommodation, transport, restaurants, events, attraction, merchandise , travel packages, from small scale to large scale, either already have a booking system or not, whether online travel agent as well as conventional and all who are incorporated can join ITX.

In terms of cost effective , ITX is also effective in financing. To join ITX is free. By joining ITX, wider market opportunities, more product and portfolio numbers, and can simplify processes that cost money and time.

Lastly from the customer experience side , ITX also facilitate the tourism business to get complete online digital system . From Look - Book - Pay with module in single journey, the industry players also do not need to mess with the problem of IT and can focus more on improving the service as well as the development of product packages that become the core business of the tourism industry players.

Until now, the industries that have joined have experienced a significant increase. A total of 5,100 hotels, 7 attractions , 10 airlines have registered. For distributors who join was filled with big names such as, Expedia, CTrip,, Nusatrip, Astrindo, 19 local travel agents in Kepri.

Claudia Ingkiriwang, Chairman of ITX Probis, Sigma explains many parties who do not know very well what is Go Digital in the tourism industry. "What Go Digital means is 100% using digital bases, from look, book , and pay to one platform via online form.Bay no longer in a different system, no need to come to the ATM or to the counter teller again. in that way, yes not Go Digital. Then, still no contact or communication with people, customers with a service provider, it also has not biaa called Go Digital. All must be tersistem well, neat, safe and certified. booking system "

The booking system must be well integrated, between the hotel ( supplier ), the travel agent (distributor) and the market place , because one hotel could be sold together by many agencies such as Booking.Com, Agoda.Com, etc.

To join ITX free of charge, free website templates , so that can prepare your own website that has been prepared, and free booking system.If it must be made by yourself, the cost is quite expensive.Just successful fee 2 , 5% of the transaction only and it was cut after the transaction, "added Claudia.

Special Staff Minister of Tourism IT Field, Samsriyono Nugroho mention Go Digital can not be avoided. Like the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya always put forward the jargon "The more Digital the Personal, the more Digital the Global, the more Digital the Professional". Go Digital is not only for the old and big industry actors, but also for the small MSMEs. With the record must be legal and have a good reputation. 

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