Tourism Exchange in Indonesia

Tourism Exchange Indonesia (TXI)

In Indonesia, a relatively small proportion of tourism operators dominate 80% of online bookings. This leaves a long tail of Indonesian tourism providers as an ‘opportunity’ segment for online bookings.

Domestic Indonesian distributors as well as the big international OTAs connected to TXI now have access to a broader deeper selection of rooms/villas/homestay, tours and activities throughout Indonesia to offer to their consumers.

In Indonesia, TXI ensures inbound international and domestic Indonesian travellers can find high quality content and products relevant to their interests to optimise their travel experience.

TXI is a unique B2B platform in the Indonesian marketplace allowing all tourism suppliers, including SMEs and micro businesses, a more cost effective and efficient distribution pathway to international and domestic markets.

TXI’s OBX technology and Tourism Exchange business model delivers a digitally enabled and e-commerce ready Indonesian supplier base across all segments of tourism – accommodation large small and micro plus all forms of activities/experiences. All suppliers connected to the TXI platform are market ready internationally, and domestically, with the tools to transact with consumers. 

TXI is neutral to Distributor business models and has no role in charging or setting Distributor commission, contracts or commercial negotiations. It is open to all possible participants with integration capabilities for large and small suppliers, large and small distributors with different commercial models.