Tourism Industry in North Sumatra Ready Go Digital

6 December 2016

10 New Bali is a priority tourism destination besides Bali Island. One of them, namely Lake Doba. Currently, the acceleration progress of priority destinations of Lake Toba continues accelerated by the Ministry of Tourism RI. Menpar Arief Yahya, developing the potential of Lake Toba with 3A glasses, Attractions, Access and Amenitas.

"All progress will be faster if we create Lake Toba Incorporated or North Sumatra Incorporated.When the team is at all solid levels, it can run faster and make a lot of smart breakthrough," said Minister Arief Yahya in Jakarta.

The largest volcanic lake attraction in the world continues to be polished, searched the strongest side as a magnet to answer the question why tourists should visit there. It can not be just the lake. Because it must be found a beautiful combination of nature, culture and man made. "This is what will be designed in an integrated manner by the Authority Board that has authoritative and coordinative authority there," said former President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia.

The acceleration of the extension of aircraft at Silangit airport from 2200 m to 2,650 m is part of Access. In addition, runaway widening is also conducted from 30 m to 45 m, and the construction of the terminal, which was originally designed only with a capacity of 100 thousand passengers a year. Because the number of passengers today has reached 15 thousand per month and per year can reach 180 thousand. The amount is overloaded so it must be redesigned for the next 10 to 20 years.

"Silangit will soon have to become an international airport," said MarkPlus Marketing of the Year 2013 version.

The road from Silangit to Parapat has been widened on the right and left. Meanwhile, outer ring road in Samosir is in process by Ministry of Public Works. Highway from Kuala Namu to Tebing Tuyung, go to Pematang Siantar. Next enter the widening road from Siantar to Parapat. "In addition, there will be railway activation from Medan to Pematang Siantar, which will greatly help the development of access to the deepest lake in the world," said Minister Arief Yahya.

From the Amenitas side, will be built hotel facilities, accommodation, resorts, restaurants, cafes, and others. One of the tasks of BOP Lake Toba is to establish Special Economic Zone (KEK) of Tourism such as Nusa Dua Bali of Lake Toba. "I'm not too worried, because now many investors are ready to enter the area of ​​Lake Toba," he continued.

"How to market Lake Toba in order to reach all people with a strong penetration, easy enough way.All can be done with Go Digital! Customers we have digital lifestyle, has a digital lifestyle, 70 percent of people search and share with digital. may use conventional way to capture them.When customers have changed, then we as a service provider also must change also, "said Minister Arief Yahya.

In the future, Kemenpar will provide the digital market, then industry players and business people can use the market to sell. The market is not visible to the eye, but is in the virtual world, or the term Digital Marketplace. The market is called Indonesia Travel Xchange (ITX). Later all industries related to Tourism are there.

"That's why we're here, gathering the tourism industry players to get the right information, complete and concrete, direct to implementation, and free," said Samsriyono Nugroho, Stafsus Menpar IT field in Medan, North Sumatra. In addition, Kadispar Sumut Elisa Marbun gathered a number of industrialists and the Kadispar City District as North Sumatra, to listen directly to the exposure in question.

Samsriyono explained the big picture, that Go The Best Go Digital Policy will be done Kemenpar it will be run in 2017. Then technically connected by Claudia Ingkiriwang, Chairman Probis Indonesia Travel X-change (ITX), Sigma. "The industry players are also happy because this digitalization program leads them into a new era, more digital more personal, more digital more global, more digital more professional," said Sam.

In addition, they present free of charge, facilitated by Kadisparda Sumut. They will be created website templates, they are taught how to post on the website for their own media. Then made the booking system and payment system are all free. "If you make your own, it can run out Rp300-400 million, but it is released so that more industries are coming in," said Sam who called the event a success. 

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