V3 helps Tourism Tasmania take Distribution Initiative to the World

1 September 2009

In March 2009, the Minister for Tourism, Michelle O’Byrne, announced that Tourism Tasmania was responding to rapid changes in consumer behaviour and online technologies by broadening the way it distributes Tasmania to the world.

The showpiece of this distribution revolution is ‘Tas e-Connect’.

“Tas e-Connect is an initiative developed by Tourism Tasmania to give Tasmanian tourism operators, both big and small, the means to connect their products and experiences with consumers across the world,” said Felicia Mariani, CEO of Tourism Tasmania.

“Tas e-Connect is about creating more opportunities for Tasmania to be purchased online, and in real time, by growing the number of distributors taking Tasmanian product to market and increasing the number of tourism businesses in Tasmania participating in these programs.

“Using V3’s Open Booking Exchange, Tas e-Connect allows consumers to search and book their Tasmanian holiday online in a seamless and efficient process.

“Tasmania is among the first states in Australia to fully implement the Open Booking Exchange solution and make it live for its tourism industry.

“The Open Booking Exchange allows operators to present consumers with real-time availability and rates, to take bookings, and transact payment instantly online – all the time.”

Ms Mariani said, “Tas e-Connect was part of Tourism Tasmania’s broader, long-term strategy to support and build the distribution capacity of tourism operators, and maximise benefits to the Tasmanian tourism industry as a whole.”

Shane Crockett, Executive Director and CEO of V3 said, “We are extremely proud to have secured the contract to provide the Open Booking Exchange technology to power the Tas e-Connect initiative and assist Tourism Tasmania to compete in the totally new tourism environment of today.

“This initiative will now be part of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and V3 joint initiative, Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA). TXA is designed to ensure destinations, such as Tasmania, remain competitive in this new tourism world, and help industry adapt the way they do business, by broadening the way they distribute tourism product and experiences to the world. Tas e-Connect is a great example of this progression.”
ATDW CEO Liz Ward said, “Tasmania is an important partner in ATDW, and it is extremely pleasing to have both the www.discovertasmania.com site become another important distribution option for TXA, and Tas e-Connect as a leading example of digital strategy.”

Media contacts: 
Lois Ryan, Tourism Tasmania: Ph 03 6230 8244; 
Shane Crockett, V3: Ph 0418 911988, 
Liz Ward, ATDW 0419 578 200


About V3 - 
V3 provides innovative, proven products and services that promote growth and efficiency in the tourism industry. A key objective is to enable tourism businesses, large, small and micro, to sell live inventory in real time to customers through multiple Internet distribution channels, and fully engage in e-commerce and global distribution. It also assists Government Tourism Organisations (GTO) to move beyond simple internet strategies, to state of the art digital strategies oriented towards online distribution using the Open Booking Exchange TM technology to facilitate e-commerce (including on their own website). The Open Booking Exchange TM powers Tourism Exchange Australia, and offers world-leading technology based on a suite of software facilitating direct to supplier online bookings for accommodation, tours, attractions and events.

About Tourism Tasmania 
- Tourism Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government organisation. Its role is to lead the industry in jointly delivering marketing and development programs that drive benefits for Tasmania from domestic and international tourism. Our objectives are to:

  • Create new knowledge and understanding for industry and stakeholders about tourism through research, analysis and insights
  • Address the barriers to conversion, and travel to Tasmania, by identifying and taking effective, consistent action with those who can make a difference
  • Establish, articulate and maintain the brand and brand values, particularly through creative and innovative marketing
  • Achieve alignment of Tasmania’s tourism product, experiences and infrastructure to match market expectations of the brand.

About TXA 
- Tourism Exchange Australia is an inclusive and neutral booking exchange created by an alliance between ATDW and V3 to provide the Australian tourism industry with a combination of the current services offered by the ATDW and V3. 
The ATDW collects tourism content from all Australian States and Territories and publishes it on multiple websites, while V3 enables consumers to book the product immediately. The TXA connects both the ATDW and V3’s Open Booking Exchange technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of online, bookable Australian tourism products to consumers. 
As an open, neutral and inclusive booking exchange, TXA incorporates inventory and pricing from multiple booking systems and then distributes it widely to various websites. TXA offers Distributors and Operators the opportunity to increase their sales, and provides consumers with the ability to source high quality tourism content and book it securely online.

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